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+ than 30 years of innovation in design.

Since its inception in 1980, Cesantoni has had the floor tiles an ceramic coverings manufacturing as a preponderant activity, forging a philosophy where nothing is more important than quality and design. Quality beyond the product, quality in service, warmth and responsibility with which we lead to our customers. We are focused on design, a design that distinguishes us, generating value for all those who undertake a change in their surroundings within the construction industry. The same design that generates value to our distributors network. With work and effort, Cesantoni leads its philosophy to you and with it, an endless possibilities to improve and embellish your spaces.


We are dedicated to the FLOOR TILES AND CERAMIC COVERINGS manufacturing, with a philosophy where nothing is more important than Quality an Design.

  • Established in October 3rd in 1980.
  • 3 Productive Industrial plants in over 40 acres.


We design the best ambiences for living and working.


Being a international referent Mexican brand in design of ceramic and porcelain tiles.


Quality - Constancy - Leadership - Responsibility - Humility - Passion - Innovation - Amazement.


  • Cesantoni has a network of 300 sale points, located along the Mexican territory.
  • Cesantonic Inc. is an affiliated company in the USA, responsibly to attend our 41 points of sale in this country.
  • Presence in 7 countries of Central and South America.